A stranger has been visiting Jeff’s yard.

Staff first thought The Stranger was a poor sad homeless kitty, and fed her. She is quite charming.

The Stranger

Jeff is most displeased by her.

The Stranger

Turns out The Stranger misled Staff. In fact she has a lovely home a few houses away. Apparently she just likes to visit – and be quite charming.

The Stranger

Jeff monitors her movements about the yard. If she gets too close, there is hissing.

The Stranger

Then she hops up a tree, jumps down over the fence, and strolls off to her next stop.

The Stranger

It is a big yard – but Jeff is not much for sharing.

The Stranger


  1. Angela

    Could this be Jeff’s “dance of love”?

  2. Katnip Lounge

    Jeff may have met his Feline Match. Tortitude trumps Orange, in our experience. Awaiting further developments…

  3. Anonymous

    Shes so cute !

  4. Micah Asher

    Yes, Jeff is NOT much for sharing, i.e. his usurpation of the dog’s bed, and in general ruling the beds. As long as he doesn’t SEE the interlopers, he apparently beneficently allows access-but L’etranger has GONE TOO FAR!

    I certainly hope that there will be no upcoming ‘kills’ or ‘attacks’ on WhatJeffKilled.com. I love Jeff, but draw the line at specie on specie violence.

  5. Thunder

    Very interesting colors on her. She looks like a shorthaired Tortoiseshell.

  6. Estorbo

    Forgheen’ weemen. Theenk they can yos arribe arn our torf. I can stand eed, man! I yab same prarblem

  7. Marie

    I think she’s quite charming…

  8. Emily (the other one)

    Hmm, if the neighbor kitty knew how to use the Internet, she could watch Jeff through this very blog instead of climbing over the fence to watch him in person.

  9. D

    katnip, I respectfully disagree with the tortitude sentiment and I think most vets would too.



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