It was previously established that all beds belong to Jeff.

All your beds are belong to Jeff

Staff did not realize this rule extended also to unmade beds; that is, piles of bed materials not currently on or even nearby a bed.

All – ALL – belong to Jeff.


  1. Ray Dolor

    Relieved to see fresh pics of Jeff. He reminds me of my own Giant Orange Tom, Zimba. Zimba might even be a bit bigger than Jeff, but not in Stature.

    Zimba’s major claim to Glory was his epic battle with a raccoon, which he had chased right to his front door. Zimba’s Staff heard the Ka-Ching of Vet bells ringing in the near future, but the raccoon, while equalling Zimba in bulk, could not match his reach advantage.

    Zimba allowed raccoon to escape. Zimba’s Staff heaved a collective sigh of relief….

  2. Katnip Lounge

    Silly Staff! We’re astounded this was not clarified earlier.

  3. jw

    jeff’s seizing the high ground. no more will he buried by a pillowlanche

  4. Deb

    Bow down to the one and only King of the Mountain!

  5. Koofray

    you is the orange master mayne!

  6. Emily (the other one)

    Lest there be any further confusion, let’s review:

    If it’s soft and fluffy, it belongs to Jeff.

    If it goes on a bed, it belongs to Jeff.

    If it IS a bed, it belongs to bed.

    If it’s destined for the washing machine, it belongs to Jeff.

    If it’s fresh from the dryer, it belongs to Jeff.

    This is Jeff’s kingdom of bedding. He just lets you share it out of the goodness of his heart. : )

  7. Emily

    The other Emily has succinctly and expertly cited some of the property laws of Jeff. I have just one to add:

    If Jeff wants it, it belongs to him.



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