Jeff was full of love today. So full that he had to rub some all over the dog.


  1. Adam

    Jeff’s a gentle giant…for the moment.

  2. Angela

    Jeff and dog cute, cute , cute and we got a small look at the staff’s hand. Interesting!!!

  3. Katnip Lounge

    Jeff is merely tenderizing the dog…for later. That enormous purr will lull the dog into a tasty coma.

  4. diana

    And that purr! “The purr heard ’round the world”!!! Staff is truly attending to their most important duties – El Jefe is pleased!

  5. Evil Cat

    Jeff’s just marking his dog as his property, since everything belong to Jeff! Yes, even the dog.

  6. Ellen

    a killer turned kute!

  7. Anonymous

    Or marking his territory!

  8. kanashimi

    OMG the dog looks terrified!!!!!!!

  9. Ray Dolor

    Well…that IS Jeff’s dog, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t he show it some love?BTW, isn’t that dog a Pit Bull?

  10. 'Kaika

    Jeff’s turf … Jeff’s staff … Jeff’s dog. Yeah, that works.

  11. Emily (the other one)

    If Jeff is snorgling the dog…

    and if Staff is petting Jeff…

    is anyone snorgling or petting Staff just beyond the range of the camera?

    *envisions Rita and Norman and other Staff members participating in the love fest*

  12. Koofray

    Jefff givin out all his love!

  13. Frankie

    Hazel is the sweetest dog!

  14. D

    You mean it’s not a common occurence? Well that’s disappointing.

  15. Bia

    Hey! Jeff’s the sweetest thing. Cats are amazing creatures…

  16. Jean

    Didn’t Jeff do this same rubbing and licking maneuver on the rabbit he caught right before he devoured it?

  17. Patrick

    LOL. No WAY was the dog going to even budge whilst El Jefe was doing his thing. She knows better!

  18. Susan

    This is my first time meeting Jeff. I am in love. I too have an unbelievable orange cat – his name is Wally – as an added attraction, he has 7 toes on each front paw and fetches, too.



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