When Staff arrived home from work, Jeff shot out the front door in his altogether.

Jeff au naturel

A brief investigation found his collar defeated. Royal Purple has been permanently retired.

Jeff au naturel

Jeff is, at least for now, a nudist.

Jeff au naturel


  1. Ray Dolor

    Maybe Staff needs to try a Dog Collar on that Big boy. I had to go to a dog harness for the miserably-failed experiment of “walking” my Giant Orange Tom.
    – Please don’t tell Jeff I suggested that…..

  2. Evil Cat

    Naked Jeff is HAWT! rawr!

    does he have a microchip? it’s the latest fad!

  3. Katnip Lounge

    Hubba hubba! We like the new nood Jeff!

  4. micah

    He’s returning to his wilder, What Jeff Killed persona, perhaps. When he was stalking in the wilds of southern California, killing and eating unfortunate critters, he was also without a collar, if i remember correctly. Bet he can streak with the best of them!

  5. D

    ahahaha. my cat is an expert at removing his (completely intact) collars. i’ve had to put him in dog collars, with the metal buckles.

    Ray, I also walk my orange tom in a dog harness. The cat harnesses just do not come in big enough sizes — I learned this the hard way after buying one and putting it on him only to realize there was no way it could be adjusted to fit.

  6. Kayleen

    I love this so much. I laughed out loud reading it… mainly the part about Jeff shooting out the door in his ‘altogether’… hahahahah I love it!

  7. Jen

    If Jefe should require a new collar again, he may want to check out Lupine collars. They have a lifetime guarantee including if they are broken or chewed apart. Bought one for the dog today.



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