Jeff’s new collar arrived today.

Jeff's new collar

This collar is leather with a metal buckle, which Staff hopes will better withstand Jeff-level wear and tear.

Jeff's new collar

There was also a camouflage option, but Staff felt this choice suits Jeff best.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff, as always, looks smashing.

Jeff's new collar


  1. Sarah

    huge and awesome. but totally huge. and FIRST!

  2. Fred

    Very appropriate!

  3. EdieKay

    Stylish in every way – complimentary to his coloring, makes a statement, and tells us something about Jeff himself. Perfection! Handlers did an excellent job!

  4. Katnip Lounge

    Jeff appears Pleased with his new collar.

    Or maybe his smile is from the CatNip Cigar.

    Hard to tell…

  5. Emily

    It appears Jeff approves of your offering of bad-ass jewelry.

  6. Angela

    Huge!!! Staff, is it a dog collar?

    The company calls them “pet collar” but this was the smallest size and Staff had to punch an additional hole for it to fit Jeff. –Staff

  7. Mr. Breeze

    Dat Jeff iz dressed to kill.

  8. Emily (the other one)

    That is one GIANT buckle! It screams masculinity, for sure.

    If only pet collars with available with a whimsical print of rodent skulls instead of human skulls. : )

  9. Jean

    Does each skull represent one of Jeff’s kills? or 10 kills per skull?

  10. Don Estorbo

    Was El Jefe holdeen’ a ceegar?

    Yes, the catnip cigar is loved by all. –Staff

  11. Ray Dolor

    The Purrfect Kollar for the Perfect Killer!

  12. Adam

    This question has to be asked…how does Staff put a collar on Jeff? Full riot gear?

  13. Thunder

    The Death’s Head collar for the Paws of Death.

  14. micah

    Jeff has never looked better! Kudos to staff!

  15. Koofray

    those skulls are for skull eaten?



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