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The Dog has a bit of arthritis, so Staff took her to the pet store and she picked out the biggest, squishiest bed they had.

It is known as The Marshmallow.

The marshmallow bed

All household non-humans love The Marshmallow.

The marshmallow bed

Jeff is an especially big fan.

The marshmallow bed

In his magnanimity, Jeff even shares.

The marshmallow bed

» Sunshiney   # 5

Today was a cool day, overcast and gray. Below 70 degrees!

But earlier in the week Jeff could be found on his tower in the morning, catching some rays.

Jeff in sunshine

Bobcats: standard package includes solar charger.

Jeff in sunshine

Staff made beer can chicken again.

Staff gave Jeff some beer can chicken. However, Jeff stealthily disappeared and then Staff heard an odd sound in the kitchen.

Beer can chicken returns

All your chicken is belong to Jeff.


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