Staff made beer can chicken again.

Staff gave Jeff some beer can chicken. However, Jeff stealthily disappeared and then Staff heard an odd sound in the kitchen.

Beer can chicken returns

All your chicken is belong to Jeff.


  1. Koofray

    Make it yours Jeff!

  2. Evil Cat

    Lucky Jeff! They’re all vegetarians here.

  3. Katnip Lounge

    Cat Spit, the Universal Condiment.

  4. Frankie

    Such a small bird ……. no match for “Gato Grande.”

  5. Mr. Breeze

    Great caption!

    Everything is much tastier if taken when da hoomans isn’t looking.

  6. Micah

    that’s what I call the ultimate kill-dismantling the bird after Staff has taken away those annoying feathers, feet and gall bladder-now if only Staff had left some of the TASTY organs—-


  7. Jeff (not the cat)

    was the sound “nom nom nom?”

  8. Emily (the other one)

    Jeff appears to be wondering how he can use those tongs without any opposable thumbs. Oh wait, he has KILLER FANGS AND CLAWS!

    No thumbs, no problem.

  9. Lita & the boys in Melbourne

    Just don’t eat the bones, Jeff. – cooked bones is bad! BTW, have you lost weight, Giant J.? You are looking much more streamlined the last few posts…



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