Today was a cool day, overcast and gray. Below 70 degrees!

But earlier in the week Jeff could be found on his tower in the morning, catching some rays.

Jeff in sunshine

Bobcats: standard package includes solar charger.

Jeff in sunshine


  1. Emily

    Geez! The PAWS on that creature!

  2. Emily (the other one)

    Yes, the paws are adorable! Orange kittehs have golden blonde feet that look just like Twinkies, but without the cream filling. : )

  3. micah

    I guess everyone notices Jeff’s paws. They are so sweet! (and the claws so deadly). He just gets better looking all the time.

  4. Thunder

    Hmm, looks like he’s not wearing his collar.

  5. Jean

    Jeff you are magnificent in the sunshine. If you don’t mind I’d like to paint my kitchen to match you gleaming orange pelt.



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