The Dog has a bit of arthritis, so Staff took her to the pet store and she picked out the biggest, squishiest bed they had.

It is known as The Marshmallow.

The marshmallow bed

All household non-humans love The Marshmallow.

The marshmallow bed

Jeff is an especially big fan.

The marshmallow bed

In his magnanimity, Jeff even shares.

The marshmallow bed


  1. Adrock

    Bonus points will be awarded for a Normie-mallow picture…

  2. micah

    Jeff looks totally blissed out in the 2nd picture. Sharing marshmallows is a very special thing.

    If we could get the Jeff, the dog, Norman, and Rita-what a nice Smore that would be, graham cracker with white and dark chocolate on a bed of marshmallow. Yum!

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Micah, you read my mind! Even before I got to your comment, I was totally imagining a delicious marshmallow treat full of cat and dog hair of various colors.

    Dog, I hope you feel better soon. It’s nice of you to share your bed with Jeff and the others, but don’t let them dominate it. You need an extra-comfy place of your own so you can ease your aching muscles.

    Staff, you rock! Your unending kindness to the animals at home really moves me.

  4. lily

    i find those dog beds tend to eventually smoosh all its stuffings towards the outside and leaving nothing to be desired in the middle. costco sells these egg-crate orthopedic foam dog beds, that never lose its squish, for like $20. you should get one of those to put under marshmallow fluff bed for added comfort!

    my dog loves his and he’s about 75lbs. he has left a permanent indent on our mattress, where he sleep every day while we’re at work, but the egg-crate bed has not failed him yet!




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