Staff got a new camera.

The new camera

Obviously Staff has a few favorite photography subjects.

The new camera

Though there can never be enough megapixels to do El Jefe justice.

The new camera


  1. Evil Cat

    excellent quality photos! hope to see many more in the future.

  2. Piddles Curtis

    Wow….I didn’t think it was possible but Jeff’s even hotter in high-def.

  3. sam's lackey

    Love Jeff’s expression. The caption to his picture should be “Damn Straight”

  4. Rob Bodenbender

    Sir Jeff wonders if staff is done pointing things at him.

  5. Jeff (not the cat)

    Regality personified :-p

  6. Katnip Lounge

    The best way to capture Jeff’s wonderfulness is in person. When will Jeff do a road show?

  7. Neil


  8. Adam

    Rita is MOAR beautiful.

  9. Emily (the other one)

    Rita is devastatingly beautiful! Was she named after a fellow redhead, Rita Hayworth, or is that just a coincidence?

  10. Thunder

    The level of detail is incredible. Great photos, Staff really uses the new camera well!

  11. micah

    I love Jeff, Rita and the Dog-but PLEEZE can we see Norman? Even if it is only his “bump” (under the covers) on the bed.

    Norman and the Dog are the Yin to Jeff & Rita’s Yang (or vice-versa-never can get that quite right…)

  12. Emily (the other one)

    Here’s another vote for a photo of Norm to complete the family portrait session. Pretty pleeze? : )



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