By popular demand, Staff offers this gallery of Norman.

Beautiful Norman

These images were captured during a rare nap on top of a blanket.

Beautiful Norman

Norman even allowed a close-up.

Beautiful Norman


  1. Nutella

    What a handsome cat, though in a different way then El Jefe. How about a Rita gallery too?

  2. Jeff (not the cat)

    such a handsome boy!

  3. Katnip Lounge

    Norman, we’re in love…

  4. Karen

    What a handsome guy. That spot next to his nose kills me…perfect coloring that matches his stripes. It’s like he dipped his nose into tabby ice cream.

  5. Piddles Curtis

    Norman is hot! He’s no Jeff, but he’s hot. Just look at those mile long whiskers.

  6. Patrick

    Normie! He has a very dignified look to him, as if he’s had an Ivy League education :) Quite a handsome fellow, too.

  7. Tony

    I think it is only fair Rita got her own gallery too!

  8. Koofray

    Love Normans nose!

  9. Angela

    Normie = Handsome!!!

  10. jw

    hi, normie. long time no see. you may now retreat to underneath the blanket. that is all.

  11. Emily (the other one)

    Thank you, Staff! Normie is handsome, but then we knew that already. Everyone in the House of Jefe is a real looker. His beauty must be contagious. : )

  12. Finlay

    OMG, I frickin love Norman!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. micah

    Glad to see Norman on TOP of a blanket-that is a rare occurrence. Perchance these snaps are from the summer, when even Norman might have been warm and expansive?

  14. Douglas Muth

    “A challenger has appeared!”



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