Someone has stolen all the space in the bed.

We considered a lineup of suspects.

The usual suspects

There were also mugshots.

The usual suspects


The usual suspects


The usual suspects


The usual suspects

Jeff yawned unconcernedly. He knows the charges won’t stick.


  1. Evil Cat

    Where’s The Dog? is another question.
    and is that the elusive Norm?

    Staff reply: mugshot IDs added

  2. Jen

    Dear Rita, what a beautiful bespeckled nose you have!

  3. Koofray

    so cute!

  4. Emily (the other one)

    My orange kitty has speckles on her lips. The vet says it’s the equivalent of age spots on a human. I happen to think the speckles are adorable, like she’s been eating Oreo cookies. : )

    Methinks it was the dog who called the cops about the lack of space on the bed….

  5. micah

    Any one of them Kayser Sose? My money would be on Jeff.

    Norman can be Mr. Okabashi.

    Rita could be an unseen femme fatale. I understand, however, that it is doubtful either Jeff or Norman would be interested.

    Naturally, none of them is a sociopath. They’re 100% feline, and beautiful, too! Love these mugshots.

  6. Emily

    Jeff is clearly the leader of this gang. He exudes authority.



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