Jeff likes to eat. He eats many foods that would not seem cat-appropriate: salad, spaghetti, pumpkin pie, french fries . . .

However, Staff has finally stumbled upon an item that Jeff does not want to eat. Despite his refined palate, it turns out Jeff is quite opposed to saffron.

Jeff dislikes saffron

Staff made Spanish rice with saffron. Jeff approached for his usual human dinner sampling. Jeff did not want.


  1. micah

    Turning up-or down-his nose at saffron? Perhaps it is just TOO subtle for a flamboyant boy like Jeff. Well, I guess that means there’s more for Staff-and perhaps Hazel, Norman, Rita…

  2. Mr. Breeze

    Dude! It’s not catnip! Flavor da foods wif it.

    I also enjoy a bit of truffle shaved onto my food. Be sure it’s imported.

  3. Adrock

    He has a mad.

  4. Ray Dolor

    Just curious. Does Staff leave kibble out for Jeff and posse during the day?

    I’ve been hearing a lot lately about grain in kibble as a major contributor to feline diabetes. What does staff know/think of that? (I have THREE “Large” cats, too).

    Staff reply: Staff’s charges have kibble at all times. Due to Norman’s delicate digestive system, they all eat Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health.

  5. E

    If only the mice of old had known Jeff’s kryptonite. They would have covered themselves in saffron.

  6. Emily (the other one)

    Maybe Jeff is holding out for something better… like 100% duck! : )

  7. Ray Dolor

    Thank you. I’ve been trying grain-free kibble on account of diabetes concerns for my three “big-boned” cats. They like it, but it still has lotsa calories packed into every morsel. I’m looking for a grain-free “lite” kibble. Anybody know if such a thing exists?

  8. Thunder

    Jeff Is Not Amused. 😉

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve never seen him so disgusted!

  10. Finlay

    “If only the mice of old had known Jeff’s kryptonite. They would have covered themselves in saffron”




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