One afternoon Jeff found himself a pleasant spot in the sunshine.

Jeff and Rita share the couch

Suddenly, someone else wanted some sunshine too. That someone would not be taking no for an answer. Not that she asked.

Jeff and Rita share the couch

A truce was reached, and the sunshine was shared.

Jeff and Rita share the couch

Eventually, a cooperative symbiosis was formed.

Jeff and Rita share the couch

Then someone else appeared with hopes of sunshine and friendship.

Poor dog… three’s a crowd.

Jeff and Rita share the couch


  1. Thunder

    Wow, Rita looks pretty fierce in that second picture. She must really want to make sure she gets her sun time.

  2. Finlay

    Love it!

  3. Anonymous

    Jeff the Gentleman? But what about Hazel? Only orange cats allowed?

    Hazel and Norman will have to repair to the Marshmallow. Maybe that’s the place for interspecies friendship. Now if the Marshmallow were situated in the sun-Orange would rule, I bet.

  4. Micah

    I want to wish the entire feline, canine, and Staff household a very joyous Thanksgiving with plenty of beer can chicken (or turkey).

    It has been such long time since Jeff did some hunting. I rather hope Jeff will give us a kill before the end of the year. Has he been hunting at all, or just enjoying the sunshine, and sparring with fellow felines?

  5. D

    orange cats were made for sunshine and sunshine was made for orange cats.




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