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» Second dinner   # 7

This evening Jeff ate his dinner as usual, served promptly at 8 p.m.

Some time later, Staff heard mysterious crunching.

Jeff eats dog dinner

Jeff was in the dog’s bowl, having some leftovers.

Staff is mostly sure the dog was finished anyway.

Last night Jeff launched a surprise inspection of Staff’s oral hygiene practices.

Jeff the dentist

First he verified Staff was using the correct implement.

Jeff the dentist

He then verified the toothpaste allocation.

Jeff the dentist

Being a very thorough inspector, Jeff even checked on the neighbors.

Jeff the dentist

El Jefe was escorted to the vet for his annual checkup.

El Jefe was displeased.

Jeff at the vet

Staff was happy, because Jeff was pronounced in good health and his blood tests were all normal. His weight was nearly the same as the last weigh-in, a few ounces over 16 pounds. Staff felt validated when the vet picked Jeff up to put him on the scale and made the same groaning sound we do.


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