El Jefe was escorted to the vet for his annual checkup.

El Jefe was displeased.

Jeff at the vet

Staff was happy, because Jeff was pronounced in good health and his blood tests were all normal. His weight was nearly the same as the last weigh-in, a few ounces over 16 pounds. Staff felt validated when the vet picked Jeff up to put him on the scale and made the same groaning sound we do.


  1. Adam

    A happy, healthy and lazy New Year Jeffy-cat!

  2. Ray Dolor

    Man, that was a scary pic at first. I don’t wanna see anything happen to Jeff! Although, it sounds like he is doing great! My big orange Tom is down to 17 lb.s, from up to 24….so he’s doin’ better, but I suspect he put a few back on during the rainy spell we had over the holidays.
    He’s back on his training routine as of tonight. ….I carry him up to the top of our hill, and he then sprints back to the yard. He still has that special spring in his legs. Gotta love these big kitties!

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Hooray for Jeff’s clean bill of health, and happy New Year to all!

    My big orange girl weighs over 14 pounds. She’s feeling positively dainty at the thought of Jeff’s 16.

    Ray Dolor, my cat also has that special spring in her legs… and also a vertical flap of skin that hangs down from her tummy. It flops from side to side when she runs, but it doesn’t seem to slow her down at all. It’s quite a sight. People sometimes ask if she’s pregnant, but she’s not. She’s just… big. : )

    Go Team Orange!

  4. Jean

    Jeff’s raw food diet in his formative years make him strong like ox

  5. Micah

    El Jefe’s displeasure is evident. Staff rules, however, in this one thing.

    I guess the occasional KFC and Carl’s Jr fries are still ok for the occasional nosh.



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