Last night Jeff launched a surprise inspection of Staff’s oral hygiene practices.

Jeff the dentist

First he verified Staff was using the correct implement.

Jeff the dentist

He then verified the toothpaste allocation.

Jeff the dentist

Being a very thorough inspector, Jeff even checked on the neighbors.

Jeff the dentist


  1. Katnip Lounge

    You never know about the neighbors, Jeff.

  2. Emily (the other one)

    Photo #2 looks like a multiple-choice test for assessing one’s preferred dental hygiene implement:

    A) electric toothbrush
    B) furry candycane
    C) manual toothbrush

    I’m hoping there is no wrong answer here.

  3. Thunder

    Photos like this show just how big Jeff really is.

  4. Emily (the other one)

    You mean big and furry! : )

    I love how his abundant orange hair appears to grow in delightful ridges in Photo #3.

  5. jw

    i suspect that the surprise dental inspection was retaliation for the vet visit. annoy a bobcat at your own risk.

  6. Finlay

    Love it.

  7. Jean

    El Jefe Es Minty Fresh.

  8. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    You ok, Jeff? You look kinda skinny in the first photo but then not so much in the last one…maybe it’s the angle we’re looking at the screen at?

  9. Anonymous

    Fabulous lighting!



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