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Staff finished off a container of sour cream and gave Jeff the lid to lick.

Even a plastic lid is smart enough to run from Jeff.

» Jeff <3 cigar   # 7

Jeff’s valentine was the catnip cigar.

Staff wished to enjoy a refreshing Creamsicle.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff also was interested in the Creamsicle.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff got the Creamsicle.

» A surprise   # 3

Jeff received a surprise package in the mail.

Jeff's new collar

Staff delivered it promptly to Jeff.

Inside was a new purple collar with a high-tech glow in the dark strip.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff considered; Jeff approved.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff’s skulls collar, while ultrachic, is a bit heavy. Besides, Jeff does look lovely in purple.

Jeff's new collar

Pamela, Jeff purrs in your direction.


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