Staff wished to enjoy a refreshing Creamsicle.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff also was interested in the Creamsicle.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff got the Creamsicle.


  1. Adam



  2. Katnip Lounge

    Jeff, well done. We Cats appreciated how your well trained Staff rotated that creamsicle.
    The Horde

  3. Patrick

    El Jefe is also unaffected by the temperature of inappropriate food, and gives Gene Simmons serious competition.

  4. Evil Cat

    I always get a little ice cream left over on the wooden stick.

  5. Emily (the other one)

    Orange cat. Orange Creamsicle. El Jefe must be pleased by your color-coordinated dessert offering.

  6. Micah

    Jeff certainly lives a life where his wishes are usually Staff’s commands. He’s always worth the effort, I’m sure!



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