Staff finished off a container of sour cream and gave Jeff the lid to lick.

Even a plastic lid is smart enough to run from Jeff.


  1. Katnip Lounge

    aaiiieeeeee! And the lid leaps into the abyss.

  2. Jean

    Dinner for king Jeff.
    K.F.C chicken breast, original
    Carl’s Jr. fries dipped in sour cream
    Creamsicle for desert

    And a nice catnip cigar before bed, in the dogs bed.

  3. jw

    don’t forget a nice butter lettuce salad and corn on the cob to round out the Jeff approved menu.

  4. Angela


    Love the videos!!!!

  5. Koofray

    Love Jeff in live action violating that sour cream!

  6. Patrick

    El Jefe wins, of course. He ALWAYS wins.

  7. Sarah

    *gasp* Jeff has been injured!!! What is that above his eye?

    Staff reply: Jeff has some skin problems every winter so he had a few scabs on his face and neck.



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