Staff spent the afternoon gardening.

Staff neatly laid out the day’s harvest in order to take a photo.

Jeff loves garden vegetables

Jeff helped.

Jeff loves garden vegetables

Jeff was mysteriously entranced by the freshly picked vegetables and rolled around amongst them as if catnip was involved.

He even hunted the carrots.


  1. Cathy

    Wish I could get Evil Cat to help with the gardening chores :(

  2. Carrie

    He’s scenting them. He wants to make sure that Staff and everyone else knows that those veges are HIS!

  3. Jean

    Jeff has blessed the harvest. If Staff eats more vegies, more meat for his royal belly.

  4. Emily (the other one)

    Awww, even though Jeff looks like a vegan tree-hugger, I can still see that bloodthirsty look in his eyes! And I like it! : )

  5. Finlay

    That is so stinken CUTE!
    Love it!

  6. Emily

    I think perhaps he was just trying to get cat all over your produce.

  7. Thunder

    Very cute but I wish a gopher had been drawn to the veggies. >:D

  8. Anonymous

    Jeff serve you well!



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