For not the first time, Jeff and Rita were found lounging in the sunshine.

Jeff in the sun

Jeff stre-e-e-tched; in yoga this is perhaps the bobcat pose?

Jeff in the sun

After yoga Jeff was exhausted from contemplating his essential nature.

Jeff in the sun


  1. Frankie

    ….. and where is the “downward Dog” (Hazel) during this sunshine yoga session?

    Staff reply: With 95% black fur, Hazel does not lie in full sun much because she gets too warm.

  2. Neil

    Has Rita lost weight? Is she as heavy as El Jefe?

    Staff reply: Rita’s plushness remains steady in the 10-11 pounds range, a good 5 pounds less than Jeff.

  3. Micah

    No contemplation of the navel? They are both Orange cats!

    Rita is lovely, but El jefe has that “essential nature” so important to Bobcats.

  4. Finlay

    That pose is called “downward facing bobcat”.
    I just love Jeff. :)

  5. Jean

    I see Rita has mastered the “resting meatloaf” pose.



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