Staff wished to change the bedclothes.

Jeff makes the bed

Jeff arrived to either protest or assist; it can be hard to tell.

Jeff makes the bed

One thing was certain – the sheets moved, and anything that moves must be swiftly killed. The sheets are now dead.


  1. Carrie

    HAHAHAHA!! I get that kind of “help” all the time. Crazy.

  2. Angela

    So very handsome….and helpful!!!

  3. Thunder

    Pity the poor sheets that felt Jeff’s Doom Talons! 😀

  4. Anonymous

    so he is still alive……

    hum.. I thouhgt he is still on his killing trip :-)

  5. Ray Dolor

    Look at the MITTS on that guy!

  6. Everycat

    I hope that Staff are grateful to Jeff for his bed murdering rampage. Jeff should be rewarded with a large fillet of fresh salmon for his hard work. Staff could sit on the floor and watch Jeff devour the salmon on the bed.



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