He is older. He is possibly lazier. But Jeff has still got it.

What Jeff Killed


  1. Paul

    Just when they thought it was safe… muuhhhaahahahah. Thanks, Jeff, you made my day. Let’s not wait 2 more years, OK?

  2. jw

    a blast from the past. hope jeff enjoyed his walk down memory lane.

  3. Everycat

    Nice work Jeff. May this small death remind Staff that you are still king.

  4. Koofray

    Yay! This is what attracted me to Jeff in the firs place!

  5. Finlay

    The captions are hysterical.

  6. Emily (the other one)

    Lovely photos!

    Jeff, you are amazing!

  7. Patrick

    YES!! El Jefe, you magnificent feline, it was GREAT to see you haven’t lost your appetite for rodent destruction. Congrats on your latest kill, hope to see more soon!

    P.S. Buttercup was impressed by your trophy, and made her human sumbit this.

  8. Micah

    You haven’t lost the touch! Bravo, Jeff! You are still el jefe of your environs!

  9. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    Why, you didn’t even break a sweat, Jeff. What a might hunter cat you are!



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