Staff has a round cat bed vaguely reminiscent of a nest. Only Norman occasionally sleeps in it.

Jeff in a small bed

Until now.

Jeff in a small bed

Though it is a size or two too small for him, Jeff has taken a liking to the round bed.

Jeff in a small bed

Even though it is more flat than round now.

Jeff in a small bed

And sometimes an additional supplemental bed is needed.


  1. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    Of course. Just when you think they’ll never use it, something about it catches their eye. And everyone needs a pillow. Just be grateful Jeff allows you to use his things.

  2. Emily

    Norman got it all broken in for him. This series of pictures is gorgeous – what a specimen!

  3. Koofray

    He mashed the bed flat!

  4. Finlay

    Jeff is so beautiful.
    Why don’t you buy that poor creature a bed that his whole cougar body fits into?

    Staff reply: We did. We bought a California King Tempur-Pedic. We mistakenly thought it was ours, but it’s Jeff’s. Why he preferred the junior size bed, we do not know.

  5. Fuzzyguy

    Cat rule No. 1 Keep the staff guessing.

    I got one of those nest like beds for my Orange cat. After 6 months I was going to donate it back to the SPCA shelter. Then Sumner decided it was good to sleep on.

  6. Ellis L'Orange

    Awesome pix, Jeff! Love the play by play. I’m now looking for the What Jeff Killed section. Let’s get together, do some nip and go hunting! See you on FB~

  7. Emily (the other one)

    Did anyone else notice that the post began with the words, “Staff has a round cat bed…”? It sounds as if Staff is relegated to sleeping in it whenever the cats aren’t using it.

    My suspicions were semi-confirmed when I learned that Staff purchased (but could not use!) a California King Tempur-Pedic.

    Perhaps Jeff in his infinite generosity will occasionally allow you to use the human bed.

    All hail the tireless Staff!

  8. Judie

    Jeff better keep a sharp eye out. That monkey’s up to something!



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