There is no need to worry about Jeff.

He has simply been busy.

Jeff has been busy
Getting new perspectives

Jeff has been busy
Using his imagination

Jeff has been busy
Thinking inside the box

Jeff has been busy
Thinking next to the box

Jeff has been busy
Making new friends

Jeff has been busy
Enjoying fine dining experiences

Jeff has been busy
This all made Jeff sleepy;

But we expect he will be back at it tomorrow.


  1. Finlay

    Jeff rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    Oh phew! we are pleased Jeff is well and he’s just busy living.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Why, Jeff is such a well-rounded individual! I never knew he had so many hobbies and interests.

  4. Micah

    How wonderful to see how active and engaged Jeff is! He IS el Jefe!

  5. Thunder

    Jeff’s looking thinner and better.

  6. texicat

    We Want Jeff…We Want Jeff! That’s what you get for being so good at this and making us fall in love with Big J.



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