El Jefe and Norman were sharing a blanket.

Jeff and Norman share

Norman decided he was done sharing, but found himself in a rather awkward situation.

As in all cases, one may leave when dismissed by Jeff, and not before.

Staff note to self: update Jeff’s resume to include roadblock and doorstop.


  1. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    Oh, well done, Jeff,
    excellent job showing Norman who’s boss! By the way, how old are you now, mate? You sure are looking good.

  2. Emily (the other one)

    Ha! It looked like Jeff moved only to take advantage of that sunny patch of carpet. If it hadn’t been for that, he might have stayed on the blanket even longer.

    Jeff’s resume can also include the title of paperweight.

  3. Koofray

    Jeff was so casual about moving lol

  4. Micah

    I’ve not been able to view the video, but I’m guessing Norman has assumed his position under the quilt, and el Jefe is not interested in moving.

    Perhaps being unable to leave his cocoon will cure Norman of his (possible) agoraphobia. Or perhaps he’ll just be more careful.

    Lovely to see Jeff and Lovely to not see Norman but know he’s there!



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