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» Thanks Jeff   # 8

Jeff started Thanksgiving with a leisurely morning.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

He ignored the initial cooking preparations, but appeared instantly as soon as the raw turkey appeared. He paced the kitchen scenting the air.

He knew.

Jeff repeatedly checked in on Staff’s progress in the kitchen throughout the afternoon, winding around our ankles to ensure we were aware we were being inspected.

Staff ate using the standard one-bite-for-Staff, two-bites-for-Jeff method. When cat dinnertime arrived, Jeff got his own personal Thanksgiving.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

He inhaled it and returned to the kitchen for seconds.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

After dinner Jeff slipped into the obligatory post-turkey nap.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

His leftovers are in the fridge.

» Ray of light   # 7

The nights have recently gotten chilly, leading to concerted warmth-seeking efforts by all household pets.

Jeff in a ray of light

This morning Jeff was found in a stripe of sunshine just his size.

Jeff in a ray of light

The sun itself conformed to Jeff’s will.

Jeff in a ray of light

…and El Jefe was pleased.


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