The nights have recently gotten chilly, leading to concerted warmth-seeking efforts by all household pets.

Jeff in a ray of light

This morning Jeff was found in a stripe of sunshine just his size.

Jeff in a ray of light

The sun itself conformed to Jeff’s will.

Jeff in a ray of light

…and El Jefe was pleased.


  1. Evil Cat

    El Jefe the Magnificent! =^,,^=

  2. Micah

    Jeff accepts the homage of the light, and warmth. He is such a lovely boy!

  3. Jenny

    El Jefe! After years of admiring you, I finally got my own Mini Jeff. His paws are huge though – so I am hoping he grows up to be like you. :)

  4. Rosie

    Meow Jeffy,
    The sun was hung just for you!

  5. Emily (the other one)

    Is El Jefe worshipping Apollo, or is Apollo worshipping El Jefe? Perhaps the admiration between the two golden gods is mutual!

  6. Adrock

    Killer cats need bright light therapy, too!

  7. Abby Normal & Stygia

    Jeff, your technique is perfect!



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