Jeff started Thanksgiving with a leisurely morning.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

He ignored the initial cooking preparations, but appeared instantly as soon as the raw turkey appeared. He paced the kitchen scenting the air.

He knew.

Jeff repeatedly checked in on Staff’s progress in the kitchen throughout the afternoon, winding around our ankles to ensure we were aware we were being inspected.

Staff ate using the standard one-bite-for-Staff, two-bites-for-Jeff method. When cat dinnertime arrived, Jeff got his own personal Thanksgiving.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

He inhaled it and returned to the kitchen for seconds.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

After dinner Jeff slipped into the obligatory post-turkey nap.

Jeff's Thanksgiving

His leftovers are in the fridge.


  1. Abby Normal & Stygia

    Nice! We cats were not very interested in the turkey. However, we were very interested in joining the people for their post-turkey nap.

  2. Katnip Lounge

    The French White souffle dish is an excellent choice for serving El Jefe.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Happy Thanksgiving to Staff and all the animals!

  4. jw

    what, no cranberries?

  5. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    You better not be thinking you can eat Jeff’s leftovers!

  6. Micah

    Thank you Staff for documenting Jeff’s prandial and post-prandial activities! I am grateful for Staff and Jeff! (Also, Norman, Rita, and the dog).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Everycat

    We think that Jeff’s bowl for the turkey should have been –
    a) much bigger
    b) full to at least the brim.

    No wonder Jeff had to nap after, he was probably exhausted by such meagre rations 😉

  8. Cynthia

    El Jefe’s post-turkey tryptophan coma pic is a face full of satisfaction. <3 you, Jeff!



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