Mouse: Knock knock.

Jeff: Who’s there?

Jeff's friend visits

Mouse: Mouse that lives in a tree out front. I’m chewing on the doormat.

Jeff's friend visits

Jeff: Let me just come outside and we can discuss it.

Jeff's friend visits

Mouse: (giggles and runs away)


  1. Adrock

    That mouse will never know just how lucky it is…

  2. Jenny

    That mouse has huge ones!

  3. TaraUB

    Good to know El Jeffe’s still got it.

  4. Tecuya

    Hey, El Jeffe’s got the same doormat as me! I’d love to hear Jeff’s “discussion’ with the mouse.

  5. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    I’m betting it wouldn’t have been a long discussion.

  6. Emily (the other one)

    Had there been a discussion, it would have ended with Jeff hugging the mouse… with his jaws!

  7. Thunder

    Indeed, Emily. Conversing with a mouse can leave one hostile enough to bite the mouse’s head off. In Jeff’s case, that biting the head off is literal.



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