Jeff and Staff had a quiet New Year at home.

Jeff's New Year

Jeff was unimpressed by the party favors.

Jeff's New Year

He did, however, enjoy a bit of catnip. Ahem.


  1. jw

    well, that woke jeff up.

    happy new year

  2. Angela

    Jeff looks high!

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Happy New Year, Jeff and Staff!

    *reaches out with one finger to wipe catnip off Jeff’s nose*

  4. Adrock

    2nd photo…

    *cheese it! it’s the cops!*

  5. M&U

    Happy New Year! And thanks for the joy of the last years! Jeff is great and deserves the best catnip of the world!

  6. Micah

    Happy New Year to Jeff, Norman, Rita, the dog, and Staff!

    May Jeff et al be documented into the next decade, at least!

  7. Patrick

    El Jefe looks like he’s about to utterly destroy the space/time continuum 😀 We’re in good hands, then, Happy New Year, Jeff!



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