The Furminator came. And there was much furminating.

Bits of Jeff floated through the air like snowflakes.

Jeff's fur explodes

Jeff laid in their midst, oblivious. He didn’t need those bits anyway.


  1. Micah

    Will you be my Valentine, Jeff?

    LOVE the Fursplosion-both Molly and Sabra swear by the Furminator.

    Accept no substitutes.

  2. Emily (the other one)

    Ah, the coming of spring! Nothing says the approach of warmer weather like a Furminator session outdoors.

  3. susan

    dang! I have to do this in my house with the long hair cat!

  4. Patrick

    El Jefe! You look as magnificent as always. May your snowflakes of fur scatter across the land, driving fear into every gopher.

  5. adrock

    airborne fuzzy jeffy seeds…



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