Jeff was escorted to his annual checkup.

Jeff was most cross.

He was pronounced in good health, but will be going back soon for a dental cleaning. Staff expects he will again be most cross.

Jeff weighed in at about 16.5 pounds. Staff procedure is to disregard the handle on the cat carrier; a two-handed hold is required.


  1. Tecuya

    A hefty cat is a healthy cat! Live long and prosper Jeff!

  2. Evil Cat

    when will someone invent a cat carrier with wheels?!?!

  3. Emily

    Excellent to hear the Jeff Most Supreme is in good health. Staff should consider how much Jeff could have weighed had he not been furminated recently.

  4. jw

    el jefe is perhaps remembering his old blog, “”, and considering adding a healthcare professional or three.

  5. Micah

    How do you cross a Bobcat???

    Answer: Very carefully-heavy gloves are good too!

    Glad to hear about the good checkup!

  6. Emily (the other one)

    Hooray for a clean bill of health! And Jeff looks so handsome, even behind bars.

    I’ve always wondered why the handle on most cat carriers is small enough to accommodate only one hand. Sometimes a two-handed hold is required, after all.

  7. M&U

    So glad to hear about Jeff`s good health!
    He is such a wonderful personality and soon, with cleaned teeth he will have the greatest yawn ever!

  8. Martha

    Glad Jeff is well and thriving! I love that purrmudgeon! He is a most awesome Ginger!!!

  9. Patrick

    Great to hear El Jefe is still in great health! No doubt the diet of gophers, rabbits, and lizards in his previous career helped establish a healthy lifestyle. Although…he could probably get a good dental cleaning gnawing on the bones of a recent kill. Just sayin’. 😀



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