Jeff was escorted back to the vet office for his dental cleaning.

Jeff's dental report

There were complications. A tooth had to be removed.

Jeff after dentist

There were many ouchies and indignities.

Jeff after dentist

Initially the pain medication seemed to make Jeff stoned enough that he didn’t mind awfully much.

Jeff after dentist

But after the medication, Jeff might have had a mad.

He has since forgiven Staff – we think. At least until we start trying to brush his teeth to prevent future extractions.


  1. Tecuya

    I think Jeff was stunned at the taste of his own blood – usually it’s some other creature’s blood decorating Jeff’s jaws!

  2. Anonymous

    Poor Jeff he deserves lots of treats. I love this cat!

  3. Evil Cat

    (((hugs))) to my furry orange friend!

  4. Sarah

    My boy, Tybee has had 4 teeth extracted and only has 3 left (all due to poor nutrition as a wee one b/f I got him), but it doesn’t stop him at all. He just strews his food all over creation and kind of eats like a goose….

  5. Stephen

    Poor old Jeff! “Severe gingivitis”, indeed! I wish you luck with brushing his teeth. When my cat had a tooth out the main difficulty was getting her to take her antibiotics afterwards. Tooth-brushing I have never attempted.

  6. Micah

    Perhaps he’ll have a mad and kill some critter outside the house. He needs some good ol’ fashioned wild critter taste in his mouth. Of course, losing a tooth is an indignity. Getting some dope is not much comfort in the long run!

    Blessings to Jeff, the other cats & dog, and Staff!

  7. Emily (the other one)

    Feel better soon, Jeff! And be a good boy when Staff tries to brush your choppers. They only want what’s best for your health.

  8. Mary Martha

    Oh sweet Jeff! At least he still has his canines to bite with! Glad he has such a kind and caring Staff.

  9. jw

    jeff needs a waterpik used daily

  10. Stephanie and Mitcha

    Poor Jeffy. I hope you feel better soon. I am so glad you have such a caring and loving staff that takes good care of you. Hugs and kisses!

  11. M&U

    Poor sweet Jeff!! We hope the tooth fairy was generous!
    We are sure that Jeff is glad to have such a caring Staff. A great killer needs that care in his darkest ours.
    Maybe Jeff is now able to whistle through his tooth space! 😉

  12. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    Oh, poor Jeff, mean dentist, stealing his tooth like that!
    Good luck with the teeth brushing…tee-hee-hee (as if!)
    maybe you could just give Jeff a chicken neck or a wingette each morning, they keep teeth clean really well and you’ll still have 12 fingers.

  13. 'Kaika

    I feel for you, Jeff. I have never had to suffer an extraction, but the human tells me it’s not fun. I hope you are back to your old self by now.

  14. Patrick

    El Jefe! Weezy ordered me (her human servant) to pass along that she too has had to suffer tooth extraction at the hands of bipeds, and that revenge WILL be had someday. She knows your kill record and sends best wishes for a full recovery.

  15. Thunder

    How do you cure gingivitis in a cat?

  16. ALICIA




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