Neil wanted to know about Jeff’s feets.

Jeff’s feets are a wholly owned subsidiary of Jeff The Giant Orange Cat.

His feets are proportional to his overall bobcat size.

Jeff's feets

His paw pads are all evenly pink jellybeans.

Jeff's feets

His claws seem somehow larger than average; however, this could be merely an impression given by past acts using them.

Jeff's feets

Jeff has one rear claw that does not retract properly and protrudes at an impertinent angle. Staff thinks he must have broken his toe at some point during the pre-Staff era. It’s never seemed a bother to him.


  1. Evil Cat

    awesome! good to hear from you again Jeff!

  2. Lita and the boys in Melbourne

    Hey Jeff, what excellent jellybeans you have. It’s great you got staff to photograph your feets and tell us a bit about them. Go the mighty bobcat.

  3. jw

    carl sandberg never met Jeff’s feets.

  4. Emily (the other one)

    Mmmm, golden blonde Twinkies studded with pink jellybeans! They look delicious, but I pity the fool who taks a bite out of them. This is one dessert that bites back. : )

  5. irene

    jellybeans or baked beans– you be the judge. Jeff has some handsome feets.

  6. Ray Dolor

    Jeff is exactly the same weight as my giant orange Tom, whom we refer to as the “King of the Cats”. 16.5 lb.s.

    Before being diagnosed, at the age of 15, with kidney failure, and an irregular heartbeat, he weighed in at a truly Kingly weight of 23 lb.s A brute of a cat. We have put the King on a diet for the last year, and now, at the age of 16.5 years, he also weighs 16.5 lb.s. Just like Jeff.

    And instead of expiring early this Spring, which a less-experienced Vet had assured me he would, if I did not take drastic and expensive measures to counter his decline, the King has rebounded, astonishingly so, to the point where he now jogs up the 100+ step stairway near our home, and then jogs lightly on those nimble cat feet, down the hill from above, another 100 feet in elevation, all without breathing hard.

    Giant Orange Tomcats have magical powers. We just need to pay attention, and they will emerge.
    But of course, you know this.

  7. Neil

    Jeff & Staff:

    I stand awestruck that Jeff has heard my request for information and answered my humble query.

    Thank You. I am humbled.


  8. M&U

    Jeff paws are, as the whole Jeffness, a adorable work of art, made by nature, beloved by staff and his fans. You are just awesome! Don`t let us wait so long until your next picture post!

  9. Fuzzyguy

    I am glad to see it has been a quiet spell for Jeff. I was beginning to wonder if something bad had happened. My own big orange cat did a leap that shows he has still got it. He jumped from the tall chest of drawers across the room to the bed to greet me as woke up this morning.

  10. Thunder

    Funny and informative post. Glad to hear from you again.



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