Lately Jeff has been randomly walking up to the dog and fondly headbutting her.

Headbutt, lick, lick, repeat.


  1. Frankie

    Licking Hazel?? Hmm ….. more likely tasting.

  2. Angela

    I hope Hazel does not end up on ” What Jeff Killed”!!!!

  3. M&U

    Jeff is so lovely to Hazel! Really sweet! He really enjoyed this, but I am not sure Hazel did. She looks like: Okay, just another attack of love, time goes by, just don`t move…..!

  4. Lita

    I note said doggy stays very still…Jeff sure likes “playing nice”. Lovely.

  5. jw

    cats are known to do this with people who are ill. is the dog healthy?

    Staff reply: the dog has just had her annual vet check-up and is fine.

  6. jw

    thanks, staff. i was mildly concerned. jeff, knock yourself out

  7. Stephen

    How adorable! And it makes him purr. My old cat used to do this with me. It was just affection, not an attempt to heal an ill friend. Being licked by a cat is both slimy and scrapy, and it probably feels less unpleasant to those who have fur.

  8. Emily (the other one)

    Jeff is such a dear! And the look on Hazel’s face is priceless.



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