Jeff is fine. Staff just works a lot in order to maintain him in the manner to which he is accustomed.

Recently Jeff’s favorite hangout is the warm spot on the entertainment center above the receiver.

Jeff rearranges the universe

However, the width of the entertainment center is perhaps not sized for bobcats.

Jeff rearranges the universe

So, at times Jeff must must rearrange things.

Jeff rearranges the universe

Obviously Staff must explore new furniture options.

Jeff rearranges the universe


  1. Patrick

    El Jefe! So happy to see you’re continuing to dominate your surroundings, and looking healthy doing it. Hope to see you reign terror upon the local gopher population again soon 😀

  2. Evil Cat

    Jeff! you’re looking very beautiful, man.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    It’s so good to see you, Jeff! Of course, you are entitled to rearrange things on shelves any time you want. You are “large and in charge,” as they say. : )

  4. jw

    good to see you again. lookin’ good big guy.

  5. M&U

    Hurra, you are back! We were really worried about you.
    You are looking very good and it is very nice to see, that you are still the one who arrange and rearrange all things in your life perfectly!

  6. Stephen

    I am very glad to see Jeff is still being loved and having his activities reported. Thank you for letting us know that his might and power now extends to furniture removals. It reminds me of my first cat – a bear even bigger than Jeff – doing a promenade along the mantelpiece and showering the things from it behind him.



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