Staff recently obtained a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone, known for its 41 megapixel camera.

Obviously, such a camera exists to capture the full detail of His Jeffness.

Click for high resolution image / to fill your screen with Jeff.

High resolution Jeff

Bonus Rita:

High resolution Rita


  1. molly

    I am so happy to see Jeff and Rita in high res!
    Maybe the staff will not keep them from us for so long now 😉

  2. jw

    hi, jeff (and staff)

    been missing you big fella.

    nice pictures.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Thank you, Staff, for the new pix! I’m all in favor of any camera that can do justice to His Jeffness and Her Ritaness (or shall I make up a different word for her, like Ritacity or Ritaciousness?).

    And what about pictures of Norm and his Normity? : )

  4. Patrick

    El Jefe! I must say, there is no camera in existence that can fully capture your gopher-destroying mystique…perhaps the new Oculus Rift HD goggles will immerse us into a first-person Jeff hunting excursion for the full effect?



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