Since Norman has been gone, Jeff and Rita’s relationship has evolved.

Before, Rita would complain verbally or even throw a punch when Jeff got too close to her. Jeff was mostly oblivious.

Jeff and Rita are frenemies

Now, however, they have entered a new frontier of togetherness.

Jeff and Rita are frenemies

Norman’s necropsy indicated cardiomyopathy. Since he presented as healthy and had none of the signs/symptoms, there was no way of knowing. Apparently asymptomatic cardiomyopathy in cats is unusual but not unheard of.


  1. jw

    hi, rita and jeff. we miss normie, too.

  2. Patrick

    Good to see El Jefe and Rita getting along despite the circumstances. Perhaps they sense Norman had something different about him, even though our understanding of cats isn’t always accurate. Hoping Staff gives them extra love on behalf of all of us Jeff and Rita fans.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    Rest in peace, Norman.

    Good to see Jeff and Rita becoming closer.

  4. M&U

    Still so sad because of Norman ! It is nice to see, that Jeff and Rita have their own speech to show whats important now…stay together and being close to each other.



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