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» Jeff licks dog   # 8

Lately Jeff has been randomly walking up to the dog and fondly headbutting her.

Headbutt, lick, lick, repeat.

El Jefe and Norman were sharing a blanket.

Jeff and Norman share

Norman decided he was done sharing, but found himself in a rather awkward situation.

As in all cases, one may leave when dismissed by Jeff, and not before.

Staff note to self: update Jeff’s resume to include roadblock and doorstop.

Jeff needs to stay sharp, so Staff tries to provide occasional practice drills.

Last Sunday during football, Jeff wanted some turkey sandwich. Staff challenged Jeff to catch the turkey.

Another important lesson is that prey can lurk where Jeff least expects it. Staff’s dinner was Thai chicken lettuce wraps; Jeff was more interested in the lettuce than the chicken.

Crunch crunch crunch.

Fortunately Staff kept all their fingers – this time.

El Jefe sleeps. Disturb El Jefe at your own risk.

To play string with Jeff, you must understand one thing: when Jeff gets a talon hooked, he immediately and completely checks out of the game.

You can tug. You can yank. Jeff cares not.

Staff spent the afternoon gardening.

Staff neatly laid out the day’s harvest in order to take a photo.

Jeff loves garden vegetables

Jeff helped.

Jeff loves garden vegetables

Jeff was mysteriously entranced by the freshly picked vegetables and rolled around amongst them as if catnip was involved.

He even hunted the carrots.

Staff finished off a container of sour cream and gave Jeff the lid to lick.

Even a plastic lid is smart enough to run from Jeff.

» Jeff <3 cigar   # 7

Jeff’s valentine was the catnip cigar.

Staff wished to enjoy a refreshing Creamsicle.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff also was interested in the Creamsicle.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff got the Creamsicle.

8 p.m. is dinnertime at El Jefe’s house. Norman very much enjoys dinner, and presents himself to Staff each evening by 7:55 p.m. in order to ensure that Staff will deliver dinner in a timely manner. Norman engages Staff by singing what has come to be called The Dinner Song. Jeff contributes backing vocals.


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